1. Free On-Site Consultation

There are many great reasons to add a fence to your property.  They add privacy, they protect family pets and children, and they can add decorative appearances for your beautiful property.  We listen to your needs, and build exactly what you're looking for.

2. Choose Your Style

Vinyl fence, wood fence, split-rail fence, metal fence - there are many options to choose from.  Our catalogue of fence styles can offer exactly what you're looking for. If you have an unwanted existing fence we can demo and remove it as part of the job.

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3. We're Safe and Legal

How do you know where utility lines are before digging into the soil?  We notify 811 before we dig to properly mark and label where we cannot dig. And of course we are Licensed and insured. PA HIC#135465

Did you know in many municipalities that building a fence requires a permit?  We can notify and file permits for you so that your fence can be properly installed, and meet the safety standards set forth by your municipality.  

4. Sit Back and Enjoy Your Beautiful Fence

Once all the paperwork is complete and the land is properly marked, we begin your project.  We provide on-going support and a limited warranty.  So if you have any maintenance problems, we're always here to help.