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​Not all jurisdictions require permits for fences, but with us we can handle the sometimes difficult process when one is needed. All we charge is the reimbursement for the actual fees charged by the municipality.

​Fences717 is proudly owned and operated

​by a US Army veteran.

We offer a simple warranty policy. For fences we install or build we offer a 5 year guarantee where we will come out and fix or repair, at no extra cost, issues caused by workmanship. Most manufacturers have added warrantees for their products on top of ours.​

​To best serve our busy customers Fences717 is open all year for installation. Plus we work nights and weekends for Free Estimates.

Not much is free anymore but we have something that is. If you are just moving into a home or if you really need a temporary fence pending a permit or insurance claim we offer a free temporary fence, if hired, for the permanent fence install.