Good Fences make Good Neighbors and they serve to protect our most precious loved ones like Children and Pets. At Fences717 and Fences610 our extensive construction background and landscape design concepts provide cost effective and very aesthetically appealing fences in wood, metal or vinyl.

We specialize in Privacy, Pet and Child Fences because we understand the needs and expectations to protect and add value to a property.​ Big or small we can handle your next Fence project.

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We have a solution for your outdoor needs. From Fences and Landscapes, to Design and Property Management, we serve the areas of South Central PA, Maryland and northern Delaware with over 30 years of experience.

More than just Mowing and Mulch                        

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If you are looking for a landscape to further enhance your fence our Lawns717 division is ready to help. Our Penn State Master Gardener trained designer can work with the land to make a great landscape. We specialize in sod, planting, mulch, turfgrass  and hardscapes. 

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